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Brown Elven Wrap
  • Brown Elven Wrap

    Brown Elven Wrap


    Long pointed Hood 


    This Eleven Wrap is a light hood with four long pieces of soft fabric for wrapping around the body, neck, shoulders, or even as low as the legs. It wears best as a shirt with hood, and wraps nicely around the upper body to create a shirt or layer with a deep, long, pointed hood. You can also take the long pointed hood, wrap it loosely around your neck and tuck it in to create a cowl look.  Great for an eleven, fairy, warrior, ninja, or desert wanderer kind of festival look.  Fabric is stretchy and comfortable.  The elven wrap is a one size fits all, with so much fabric to wrap around, you just wrap it more or less, it will look awesome regardless. 



    This is a multi-wear, original design. 


    Color: Brown  



    Sizes- O/S fits XS-4XL


    Features: Soft, folds up small, easy for travel, fits everyone.

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