Raven Summer Ballroom Gown
  • Raven Summer Ballroom Gown

    Raven Summer Ballroom Gown


    From the Lewis Mayhem designer collection - UNKINDNESS

    *These are one only items, worn once on the runway, only one available for sale. 


    This build comes with 4 pieces including:


    Feather Bra

    Giant Hoop Skirt

    Deluxe ballroom style wrap around Skirt

    Leather/Feather Top Bustle


    Wear it all together for the sophisticated look shown in the photographs, or just throw on the bra, top bustle and some booty shorts for a simpler club look. The bra is decorated with black feathers and a black with grey specks obsidian stone in the middle.  The Outer Bustle is made from leather, mixed fabrics, metal, and long black feathers.  The hoop skirt is textured with mixed fabrics and the Deluxe ballroom style wrap around Skirt is loaded with a variety of unique fabrics including lace, net, solid, sheer, fringe and more. The entire piece is very textured, lots to look at! 


    SIZE: M/L


    The Hoop Skirt  ties at the back so there is some adjustability, fits best a  26-34 inch waist.


    The feather bra is built on top of a stuffed, underwire Lasenza bra for the base. It Fits best on a ribcage 28 inches or more.  The back of the bra is replaced with a long leather strap to accommodate ribcage sizing 28 inches or more.   The cup size is Double D. 


    The Deluxe ballroom style wrap around Skirt fastens with D rings at the back and a strap tie for additional support.  The skirt is heavy and fits best on a 26-32 inch waist but there is some leeway for sizing because it ties at the back and the only thing that could show underneath would be the textured hoop skirt.  


    The Leather/Feather Top Bustle is quite adjustable for sizing as it does up with a grommeted leather belt strap.  Fits best on a 26-40 inch waist.