Sea Maiden Wedding Dress
  • Sea Maiden Wedding Dress

    Sea Maiden Wedding Dress


    Lewis Mayhem Designer Wedding Dress

    One only.  Will not be replicated.  


    Color: Sea Foam Green with Vintage White and Dark Mossy Green lace


    Size: One size.  Fits S-M+, its the wrap hood that pulls the dress into the correct sizing.  All the additional pieces are adjustable or wrap around which helps with sizing.  


    20-25 foot long train:  Comes in 4 separate bustles, three tie on under the dress and are removable.  The fourth is attached to a chain and clips on around the waist over top of the dress. When the bustles are removed, the dress is floor length, with a small train,  which makes it easy to move around in.


    This dress comes in several pieces and is considered mulitwear as it can be worn with or with out one or all of the trains.  You can also just wear parts of it after your wedding, like the lace hood or the exterior bustle. 


    The dress comes in the following peices: 

    - The main dress 

    - Three removable bustles that tie on around your waist and under the dress.  

    - A fourth exterior bustle which is attached to a chain and clips on over top the dress

    - A deep mossy green wrap with a hood that wraps around the body and pulls the dress in tight to a proper fit.  

    - one super long leather belt wrap

    - Two shorter leather belt wraps

    - Two decorative belts

    - A removable fur tail