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Lewis Mayhem is a dynamic fashion line tailored for those who live for the night – the go-getters, the movers, the dancers, the night owls, and the performers. Whether you're spinning fire, participating in a pagan circle dance, or rocking out on stage, these clothes are crafted to be worn with style.

Each piece is meticulously designed to showcase its allure in motion and grab attention even when at a standstill. Lewis Mayhem effortlessly captures the elegance found in both the shadows and the extraordinary.

Established in 2008 by the visionary fashion designer and music promoter, Cory Richard Jones, Lewis Mayhem draws inspiration from the vibrant realms of music and the alternative club scene. Cory's brainchild is a brand that delivers edgy clothing for those who fully embrace the nightlife experience.



In 2008, Cory unleashed the chaos of Lewis Mayhem upon the world!

Before Lewis Mayhem, she rocked the stage, pounding the drums in an all-female metal band, and later, a grindcore powerhouse band. Simultaneously, Cory immersed herself in the mystical realms Sanctuary Curio Shoppe, an occult curio shoppe nestled within the historic Whyte Avenue of Edmonton, Alberta.

A captivating blend of spell craft, pagan rituals, punk rebellion, and metal madness—all wrapped up in the vibrant tapestry of counterculture fashion.

This is the journey that fueled the inception of Lewis Mayhem!



Dive into the twisted world of Nat Jones, an acclaimed artist and writer whose creativity has left an indelible mark across comic books, video games, and film. With a trophy cabinet gleaming with awards, Nat stands tall as a luminary in the realms of horror and dark fantasy.

The Maestro of Macabre, collaborating with legends such as Rob Zombie, Guillermo del Toro, Steve Niles, Todd McFarlane, and Joe Hill. He's not just an artist; he's a conjurer of nightmares, weaving his dark magic alongside horror's most illustrious creators and filmmakers.

Though best known for much-acclaimed work on ’68, Frank Frazetta’s Death Dealer, and Spawn, Nat's influence extends to the realms of Baldur’s Gate, Heavy Metal Magazine, Dark Souls, The Devil’s Rejects, 28 Days Later, Rob Zombie’s The Nail, 30 Days of Night, Broken Moon, The Tripper, and the explosive Hobo with a Shotgun.
Prepare for a journey into the shadows with Nat Jones, where every stroke of his pen unravels a new nightmare!



Sam is our og staff member who's been working with us since we ran our business solely in our basement.

She's a self taught hand seamstress/artist who dabbles in almost every art form in her own life. She does most of the hand stitching and embroidery for our items as well as the resident cutter who slashes our T-shirts and helps with the bleach painting on our original items.



Meet Mia! She graduated from fashion school, and afterwards became a sewer for Lewis Mayhem.

Mia owns her own fashion brand “Princess Metalhead” where she strives to show off one’s inner rockstar through her clothing. Mia loves music (especially metal) which she uses that as inspiration for her designs and sewing.



Millie is a seamstress who has a degree in fashion design. During the week she works at a company that’s creates mascots that are sold worldwide. She is the owner of vexy heart , a creepy cute brand that has shared the runway many times with Lewis mayhem.



Maddi is our punk star who's lead vocals and plays ukulele in a local folk punk band "Business Shark." She's really into the local music scene and plays a variety of instruments. At Lewis Mayhem she's become our number one jewellery maker for her insane body chains.



Sonja, the maker behind Skuhl Candles, and Lewis Mayham staff member. After spending long hours working as a mortician, Sonja turned to art therapy for solace, she began carving & hand pouring natural Beeswax Candles.

That led her on this journey of new chapters. Eventually leading up to the stunning creation you see today at Lewis Mayham. As Sonja aptly puts it "A Candles is a torch to the soul lighting the magic within."

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