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Brown Goddess Robe
  • Brown Goddess Robe

    This dress is adjustable and is made out of a soft cotton spandex mix and can adjust to comfort while being flattering on a variety of body types. The feature fabric is a delicate yet durable lace which adds air of elegance to the piece. Another unique feature of this dress is the waist length elven style hood. 


    This dress ties into a empire style waist and can be worn many different ways including with leggings or long skirt. 


    Materials- soft cotton spandex and lace


    Small fits about chest- 32"-37", waist 24"-32", hips 32"- 36"
    Medium fits about- chest 34"-40", waist 28"-34", hips 35"-40"
    Large fits about- chest 36"- 44", waist 32"-40", hips 40-46"
    Extra large fits about- chest 42"-50, waist 39"-42", hips "44-50"

    *Note dresses are stretchy and can fit loose or tight depending on desired look. 

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