Raven Queen Ballroom Gown
  • Raven Queen Ballroom Gown

    Raven Queen Ballroom Gown


    From the Lewis Mayhem designer collection - UNKINDNESS

    *These are one only items, worn once on the runway, only one available for sale. 


    This deluxe ballroom gown is by far the most most extreme gown in the Ravens collection.  This designer ballroom gown comes in 4 pieces including:


    Hoop Skirt

    Deluxe Ruffle Skirt

    Golden Leaf Top Bustle

    Leather Corset


    The hoop skirt is simple and light weight, meant to add extra body underneath the giant ruffle skirt. The Deluxe Ruffle Skirt is made from tons of fabric, tons of ruffles,  and has small golden sparkles that catch in the light.  The Golden Leaf Top Bustle is made from mixed black fabrics and lace combined with a beautiful golden royal fabric. The corset is heavy boned, and covered in hand cut leather feathers.  It has a front busk that is covered by a row of leather feathers.  Ties at the back, but also opens at the front.  


    SIZE: S/M


    The hoop skirt ties at the back, fits roughly 24 to 38 inch waist because the elastic at the top is stretchy.  


    The Deluxe Ruffle Skirt fits between a 24 and 34 inch waist, it ties at the back and can be cinched in that way to wear smaller.  You can also use the ties to wrap around your body once, to help hold up the weight of the skirt. Skirt is large and heavy and awesome. 


    The Golden Leaf Top Bustle fits O/S, it ties at the back (Or front if you prefer your golden leafs at the front of the dress) which allows for a versatile fit.  


    The leather corset fits between a 20-28 inch waist, the leather back panel is cut extra long to allow for more size range. Feel free to cut off the additional leather and shorten your back panel if you should happen to wear a smaller corset size.